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The BC Ministry of Technology, Innovation, and Citizens’ Services (MTIC) is one of the largest BC Provincial Government Ministries and MTIC is always looking for ways to do more with less.


One area that has proven effective for BC Government, is the increased use of SharePoint. Unfortunately, the SharePoint users are not always effectively trained in the tools, and even if they are well-versed in using SharePoint, they rarely have the time to design and build effective sites. The MTIC Network, Communications and Collaboration Services division had just been re-organized and their SharePoint site and permissions structure had evolved rather than been maintained.


GVHA was very familiar with Lightlever. Gerry had trained many of their users on SharePoint, developed their Paperless Board Portal, and provided SharePoint support for 5 years. So when they needed this analysis, they knew they could rely on Lightlever for a quick project start up, and reliable results.
Gerry was tasked to deliver a Business Case that compared on premise to cloud-based servers. Analyzed were all aspects of cost, including implementation, support, licensing, and even power consumption. Gerry produced detailed calculations which compared Office 365, to SherWeb hosting, to on premise solutions over a five-year period. In addition, we compared the pros and cons of intangibles, like security and reliability and scalability. The work was done transparently and collaboratively with GVHA. All aspects of this report development and delivery were on time and on budget, and GVHA was empowered with the information they needed to choose a hosted solution

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