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Easily Build an Attractive POLICY MANUAL with Microsoft 365!

Your staff use your intranet to get information. Is your policy manual or employee handbook easily searchable and readable? And are updates, reviews, edits and permissions easily manageable? There’s a simple way to upgrade your old Word manual to #SharePoint. The resulting “on-line document” is a series of site pages with an automatically generated index. […]

How to Build a TIMESHEET APP in Microsoft 365

Do you need to track time for your business or your projects? You could purchase Timesheet software, but if you are using @Microsoft365, you can easily build it and save money on software and licenses. Why not better use the tools you are already paying for? (Yes, we’re talking about Microsoft 365, SharePoint, PowerApps, and […]

Build a Help & Support Page in SharePoint

Your #intranet users need an easy place to GET HELP. The SharePoint in Practice Intranet Build Toolkit shows us how to create a HELP & SUPPORT Page. Keep it fresh and everybody benefits. Did you find this Useful? Contact for a free consultation, and ask about our special rates for social-profit organizations. Need more #DIY #Intranet […]

How to Build a Suggestion Box in SharePoint

Build a SUGGESTION BOX in #SharePoint #Microsoft365. A video tutorial based on our Intranet Build Toolkit. Business Problem How do we gather guidance and direction from the intranet user community? How do we allow our valued users to post suggestions and ideas easily? How do we manage and respond efficiently? Practical Solution Most intranets that […]

Introducing SharePoint in Practice, 2nd Edition

Unleash Your Digital Workplace: Master Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online Step-by-Step Guidance and Downloadable SharePoint Tools for Small Business or Nonprofit Cloud Success: Strengthen Communication, Collaboration, and Intranet Excellence. Elevate Your Intranet Game: Master SharePoint in Practice Here are the secrets to building a robust intranet that truly works for your team! Our practical techniques, […]

Philosophy 365

Philosophy 365 This week we discuss our philosophy, or way of thinking, that we apply to Microsoft 365 and teach to our clients. This philosophy can support your Microsoft 365 adoption and usage. This is lucky episode 13 of Lightlever’s “Microsoft 365 in Practice” series, where we present practical training to help small businesses & […]

Planner : Project Management Lite

PLANNER : PROJECT MANAGEMENT LITE This week we discuss and demo Microsoft Planner in detail. Planner is a simple task manager, or “Project Management LITE” tool that comes with Microsoft 365. This is episode 14 of Lightlever’s “Microsoft 365 in Practice” series, where we present practical training to help small businesses & non-profits understand the […]

Microsoft Bookings: For-Easy-Customer-Appointments

MICROSOFT BOOKINGS: FOR EASY CUSTOMER APPOINTMENTS This week we discuss and demo Microsoft Bookings. We show the initial set-up through to the actual customer experience. Bookings is an amazing tool which gives your clients a way to book sessions or services with you or your staff. It creates a branded web page where people can […]

Quarantine 365 (Microsoft 365 In Practice Episode-16)

QUARANTINE 365 (MICROSOFT 365 IN PRACTICE EPISODE 16) Gerry recorded this while #COVID quarantined in Halifax Nova Scotia. Provincial laws require anyone entering the Atlantic provinces to self-isolate for 14 days. So, Gerry has been working online and working out in his room to stay sane, while waiting to be allowed to see his kids. […]

A Quick Look At The M365 Admin Centre

A QUICK LOOK AT THE M365 ADMIN CENTRE Microsoft 365: there’s a lot to it. And a lot of that is configured and managed through the Microsoft 365 Administration portal. Let’s look at the structure and some key actions to support your effective set-up and use of M365. This is episode 17 of Lightlever’s “Microsoft […]

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