Lightlever Systems Microsoft 365


How to Build a TIMESHEET APP in Microsoft 365

Do you need to track time for your business or your projects? You could purchase Timesheet software, but if you are using @Microsoft365, you can easily build it and save money on software and licenses. Why not better use the tools you are already paying for? (Yes, we’re talking about Microsoft 365, SharePoint, PowerApps, and […]

Gratitude: the Lightlever Origin Story

We’re not the X-MEN but Lightlever has an origin story, too. We may not be as cool as Wolverine, but please watch…and share. Thank you to @sean at @regroove, @kelly, and @veronica, @chris, @shelley and everyone who has supported us over the years! We started our as Sector Learning Solutions in Victoria, BC and now […]

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