SharePoint in Practice: The Book

Since age 12 I’ve dreamed about writing a book. Five years ago I set that as a goal. This year I plan to make that goal a reality.

I was camping in the Anza Borrego Desert last November with two very smart men: a CEO and an entrepreneur/author. The idea of “writing and riding” came on suddenly: maybe I could take a few months to ride my motorcycle, aimlessly except for the aim of writing every day! I have been working on that plan ever since: making notes, asking advice, prepping the bike, and writing.

I suppose the dream originally was to write a great Canadian novel, but in order to bring it a bit more into reach and pragmatic, I have decided to focus on what I have been writing and doing mostly for the last 10 years…SharePoint development projects!

What do you think about a SharePoint book that is focused on project management, user engagement, and efficient processes? I want to write down and share the tricks and methods I’ve developed that make my SharePoint projects successful. It would be largely “version agnostic” and include online examples, support materials, and templates.

Would you read it?  Would you buy it?

The working title is “Practically SharePoint”, reflecting the “practical” or pragmatic way I like to approach these projects. Practically also refers to the fact the book will avoid specific technical advice and will be practically (but not quite?) about SharePoint.

Here’s the proposed outline:

  • Introduction: The Practically SharePoint Philosophy
  • Managing SharePoint Projects
  • Designing SharePoint Solutions
  • The Development Process
  • User Engagement from Day One
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Migration
  • Governance Guidance
  • Training and Support
  • Specific Solutions: Common Business problems with specific solutions supported by online resources.
  • Appendices: Glossary, Useful websites and books, other resources.

So let me ask you, “what is one bit of advice for anyone designing, building, or maintaining a SharePoint site?” Can I include that in the book? Please comment below or contact me directly.

Thank you,