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Community Connections Society of Southeast BC is a not for profit social service agency. We provide services to communities throughout the East Kootenay area of British Columbia. We employee approximately 120 staff throughout the East Kootenay. With continued budget constraints, rising cost and growth of organization we found it necessary to move to an ‘intranet secure system’. Successful grant application allowed us to move in this direction.


CCSSEBC was looking for ways to more easily share files. They purchased Office 365 to save money and consolidate email into one reliable host, and were told they could save files and collaborate using the SharePoint part of Office 365.


Gerry assembled a small team of business analysts and SharePoint developers to rebuild the NCCS site. The first step was to meet with users to understand their needs, challenges, and opportunities. Based on staff interviews, a detailed design document was developed and approved. The design document was the core communication tool, and was updated as we developed the SharePoint site, presented prototypes, and encountered opportunities for improvement. A key part of this project was data migration; we utilized the ShareGate tool for this, and empowered and supported users to migrate their own data. Gerry’s team also developed an extensive set of training videos, and face to face courses to ensure the site was well and correctly used. Additional features were added later, including a Report Repository, an executive Discussion Board, project subsite templates, and 1-1 training with a new administrator. One of the big wins was the eAssistant, a simple SharePoint Wiki that enables a “FAQ” type of function and easily updated by the Administrative Assistants, and search (and bookmarked) by the entire staff.


The process for this new system to occur was very smooth. We have many that are not computer ‘efficient’ but Lightlever was very respectful of our understanding. Recognition of the need for simplicity has met all our expectations. Timelines were completed with efficiency. Communication between the parties was quick and very clear. We feel that all our needs have been met and can hardly wait until our full agency system is cloud based. We know that this move will only improve our work on a day to day basis.

  • Kim Levie, Assistant Director, Community Connections Society of Southeast BC.
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