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How to Build a Suggestion Box in SharePoint

Build a SUGGESTION BOX in #SharePoint #Microsoft365. A video tutorial based on our Intranet Build Toolkit.

Business Problem

How do we gather guidance and direction from the intranet user community? How do we allow our valued users to post suggestions and ideas easily? How do we manage and respond efficiently?

Practical Solution

Most intranets that we have built include a suggestion box. A successful intranet is for the people and by the people; the suggestion box is a tool to collect those people’s thoughts, ideas, and views.

The suggestion box is available on the help page and the top menu. Suggested/answered content may be surfaced on the home page as Frequently Asked Questions or Recent Suggestions. During presentations and training, you can invite people to use the suggestion box to share ideas and feedback. In fact, whenever you have the opportunity, encourage users to post their questions and desired improvements in “their” suggestion box.

In its simplest form, the Suggestion Box described here is a custom SharePoint list with a Power Automate flow to capture anonymous suggestions. If you don’t need to anonymize the solution is simpler, but Power Automate does add a lot of the power and control, reading a Microsoft Forms form and writing to a SharePoint list. (The Suggestion Box Form will store responses only in Microsoft Forms, where they must be checked manually).

A word of caution: if you build it, use it. Be careful to ACT: do not allow suggestions to stagnate. Create a process to see and promptly respond to suggestions. This could be a simple SharePoint Alert for you, the Content Stewards Chair, or all Content Stewards. You can also tailor those alerts in the Power Automate Flow. However you implement it, make sure your intranet has a suggestion box feature and that people use it.

Video Tutorial

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