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Unleash Your Digital Workplace: Master Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online

Step-by-Step Guidance and Downloadable SharePoint Tools for Small Business or Nonprofit Cloud Success: Strengthen Communication, Collaboration, and Intranet Excellence.

Elevate Your Intranet Game: Master SharePoint in Practice

Here are the secrets to building a robust intranet that truly works for your team! Our practical techniques, real-world examples, and budget-friendly methods ensure your intranet project is a resounding success.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Step-by-step guidance to efficiently create a practical intranet
  • Proven methods, based on years of experience
  • Practical techniques for SharePoint development, Business Analysis, Project Management, Training, and User Engagement.
  • Real-world solutions for real people and projects

Create a Microsoft 365 Cloud Revolution! Your entire company will cheer as you cross the finish line, on time and within budget.

Remember, a well-crafted intranet can transform your organization’s communication and collaboration and support work from home or work from anywhere.

Here’s the SharePoint in Practice table of contents

CHAPTER 1: Introducing SharePoint in Practice

CHAPTER 2: Managing Your Intranet Project

CHAPTER 3: Engaging your Users

CHAPTER 4: Designing Your Intranet

CHAPTER 5: Building Your Intranet

CHAPTER 6: Pilot Testing

CHAPTER 7: Migrating Content

CHAPTER 8: Launching your Intranet: Go-Live

CHAPTER 9: Managing SharePoint: Governance

CHAPTER 10: Training Your People

CHAPTER 11: Getting Help

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SharePoint in Practice techniques, methods, and examples ensure your intranet build is a huge success. This content is based on years of experience and has been developed for real people and real projects. The proven methods here will get you over the finish line on time and on budget, with the entire company cheering for you and your team.

Let’s make your intranet shine!

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