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Monk Office is Vancouver Island’s largest office products provider and the largest independent stationer in BC. Monk opened their first store over half a century ago, and their people are still passionate about helping businesses succeed. See more at


As Monk developed a new product line (DIRTT), it was decided that there were some opportunities to streamline and improve the existing tools used for project management and communication. A new system was required that would make it easier to share project plans, tasks, and drawings with Monk staff and their consultants and clients.


Gerry was hired to design and build a DIRTT Project Management Intranet for Monk. A hosted SharePoint plan from was selected and the project was called a Proof of Concept to simplify buy-in. Using Lightlever methods and templates and his knowledge of project management Gerry was able to design a SharePoint site structure that exceeded Monk’s current expectations and future needs. After getting approval on the design, the site was prototyped, reviewed, delivered, documented, and key staff were trained. The site was designed with a focus on DIRTT projects, and with no extra effort, Lightlever and the Monk team designed a site that can easily be expanded to be a full Monk Intranet. The entire project took four weeks to design, build, and implement.

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