Go-Live Contest and Training Survey


PURPOSE: create a contest that encourages use of the new system and helps people to understand it

Audience: all staff

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The milestone when the new system is “complete” and available to all users as their default intranet is called “Go-Live”, “Launch” or the “cut-over date.” This is a key milestone, obviously, with a lot going on.

An effective training and engagement method is to develop a SharePoint Survey in a contest format. This “go-live contest” encourages users to walk through the intranet and develop basic skills training.

Questions are designed to encourage and support users to:

  • learn how to navigate the site;
  • explore the structure of the intranet;
  • understand key lists and libraries;
  • learn fundamental skills;
  • know where to get help and support;
  • feel good about the new system.


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