Microsoft 365 Quick Start package


You now have Microsoft 365. Do you know how to use it? We offer a potent combination of training and consulting to get all your staff up and running fast, greatly increasing your ROI on this powerful platform.

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Your non-profit or small business wants to save money, simplify systems and/or improve internal communication. You have recently purchased, or are planning to purchase, Microsoft 365. You understand Microsoft 365 is powerful and complex. You know that having it set up quickly and correctly with staff trained from the start, will help you realize a greater return on investment.

Lightlever can help.

Our Microsoft 365 Quick Start package will get you and your staff up and running quickly and confidently, with a full-featured company Intranet and staff training supporting your path forward.

Lightlever Systems has been developing and training on Microsoft 365 since it was first released; that experience is available to you.


FREE Initial consultation

  • Organization background and goals.
  • What are you wanting to accomplish with Microsoft 365?
  • Where are you in the purchase/set-up install process?
  • Who are the key players?
  • Confirm work package, cost, and timelines.

Microsoft 365 Training:

  • 1 hour Introductory training “Microsoft 365: What’s in it for Us?” for all staff, contractors, and managers, executives, and board.
  • 1 hour specific training on “Using Microsoft 365” as configured for your organization. Delivered after customization and targeted to all staff, contractors, and managers, executives, and board.
  • 1 hour specific training on “Managing Microsoft 365” as configured for your organization. Targeted to any staff with Microsoft 365 administrator roles and responsibilities.
  • All training delivered online using your Microsoft 365 Teams and recorded for easy future reference.
  • Includes a copy of our book “SharePoint in Practice: the Intranet Build Toolkit“.

Your Company Intranet

  • We will use Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online to build a one-stop shop for organization communication and collaboration, available anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Includes custom home page with News feed, company logo, shared documents and shared calendar.
  • Organization-wide Teams team for communication and collaboration.
  • Includes training on how to use and maintain your intranet (see above).
  • Base price includes any 3 of the following intranet tools. Choose any 3 (included) or more (additional cost for each)
    • Suggestion Box with anonymous capability
    • Help & Support Page with videos
    • Vacation Calendar with approval process
    • Shared Contact list to track and share internal and external phone, email, etc.
    • Customized document management with version history and custom permissions.
    • Custom Teams set-up for provide teams and custom channels.
    • Policy Manual with index
    • In/out Board to track who is where
    • Time Tracking tool to track staff hours against projects
    • Asset Tracking tool to track company assets and who has them where
    • Other custom lists and forms as needed



Ask about pricing and process:

  • Assistance in purchasing Microsoft 365, including selecting licenses and providers
  • File Migration services: we will help you move files from network drives etc.
  • Board or Directors set-up: Custom Teams team & Intranet Portal to support your Board.
  • Advanced workflow or business automation services.
  • Advanced forms
  • Much more



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