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This is the basic version of our popular ebook. It does not include access to the Microsoft 365 site or the Portal Build Toolkit. If you would like the full toolkit, please purchase the Enhanced eBook.

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SharePoint in Practice: Proven methods to engage your team & build your company portal.

Building a company portal can be hard, but SharePoint in Practice will ensure your success.

A portal design and build is a complex project that affects all aspects of your organization. The Finance Department, HR, the Shipping Dock, everyone has differing needs and varied, valid opinions.¬† And once you’ve gathered that information and built your portal, how do you know people are going to use it?

By leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, and relying on proven methods and tested templates the journey gets a lot easier. Enter SharePoint in Practice; with techniques, tools, and tips developed in real projects with real problems.

SharePoint in Practice will guide you step-by-step to build a company portal that supports your staff and helps your business or non-profit operate smoothly. Read the book for our methods and processes, and a wealth of valuable tips. And, if you want more, upgrade to the enhanced version, and get a login to the Microsoft 365 site for full access to the Portal Build Toolkit: over 30 downloadable Office templates, and all the Practical Solutions described in Part 2. These are real, live, practical SharePoint tools.


NOTE Are you looking for the full SharePoint in Practice toolkit? Purchase the Enhanced eBook or the paperback or Kindle editions on Amazon.


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