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SharePoint file migration utility.

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This Excel-based tool simplifies the task of analyzing and migrating files from local or networked drives to SharePoint (including Office 365 SharePoint Online). There are a few steps involved, none of them too difficult, and these are captured in the detailed instruction video. Intermediate skill with Excel and basic understanding of the Windows Command window is recommended. Detailed instructions on how to use this tool are in this video. For a PowerPoint deck showing the process I use for migration, see SlideShare here.

This tool:

  1. Allows you to capture a complete list of all files that may be migrated to SharePoint;
  2. Gives you tools to analyze that list – you can quickly pinpoint file or directory names that contain invalid characters (like &, #, or %), file or path names that are too-long , or files that are too large to copy to SharePoint.
  3. Convert invalid characters to whatever you want.
  4. Allows you to filter or sort the list of files by name, size, date, or problem area.
  5. Allows you to remove spaces in file names.
  6. Allows you to convert names to CamelCase.
  7. Gives you the full power of Excel for sorting, filtering, analyzing and reporting.
  8. Produces a batch file of COPY (or RENAME, etc.) commands to copy to SharePoint (or anywhere) while fixing invalid names, removing spaces, or shortening long names.
  9. Keeps a record of the files copied for future reference.

Microsoft Excel and Windows are required for this tool. This has been developed and tested in Excel 2016, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Office 365 SharePoint online. Your results may vary. If not fully satisfied, please contact us for help or a 150% refund.


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