Tool to Migrate Files to Office 365 SharePoint (free download)

I have been asked by several clients to help them migrate their files from a file server to SharePoint (or Office 365) document libraries. This can sometimes be accomplished with basic drag and drop of course, but what about the non-simple cases?

As is typical in this situation, these clients had a lot of files, a whole bunch deep directories and, of course file names that contained characters that SharePoint doesn’t like, for example #, % and &. Most of my clients are small businesses or non-profits with tight budgets. We didn’t want to purchase ShareGate (which I have used and it is good) or MetaLogix, both for cost reasons and because it seemed a waste to buy a fancy tool like that and use it once.

So I developed a basic tool (harnessing the power of Excel and with basic file system commands) that allows us to analyze the file list, look for invalid characters and long path names, and even migrate “only files newer than a certain date”.

The tool generates RENAME and/or COPY commands that you can then run from the command prompt. For one of the clients we decided to only migrate files that are newer than 1 year old. This tool easily accomplishes that by filtering and running the resulting list of copy command. The tool also includes a sample, editable Migration process list, again, very simple and basic, but usable as at least a starting point.

For the next while, I have this tool available for free on my website, here:

And I created a detailed instruction video here:

Hope this makes life easier for you!