Nuts About Productivity

I’ve always been a little bit crazy – in our family we say “if you weren’t strange that would be weird”. I remember one summer when I was about 9, we were going swimming and I was riding up on my Uncle Dennis’ shoulders. When we got to the shore, Dennis just kept walking…shorts, sandals, Gerry and all… and dropped into the cool, refreshing lake water. A silly, fun move typical of our family.

Personally, I am nuts about productivity; about getting more done with less effort and/or lower cost. Whether it is in my personal life, with my family, doing admin work, or designing a solution for a client, I want to do it as fast and as cheaply as possible, without sacrificing quality. And I want to make sure the solution or process I come up with is the one that works best over time.

Of course from an innovation point of view, we know the simplest solutions are the easiest to build, and to maintain. I tend towards Occam’s Razor and the KISS Principle ( in all I do.

Here’s a short video with more on this topic.

This tendency towards efficiency is what’s got me so excited about my new business, Lightlever Systems. What’s in a name? Lightlever is all about inexpensively leveraging people and technology to build brighter, better operating businesses. The light represents positive energy, electricity, and great ideas. At Lightlever, I leverage SharePoint, Project Management and “being nuts about productivity” to help our my clients get more done with less.

And maybe the story about Uncle Dennis walking into the lake with me on his shoulders is an example of efficiency? We saved time and effort by not changing into our swim trunks…and we achieved our goal of cooling down faster…and hey! it was fun and exciting as well!

Be light and stay bright!