Financial Management Ideas

Do you manage your money well? We’re a lot better than we used to be and here’s how! 🙂

(NOTE: at Lightlever we focus on systems and processes that make life easier…usually that is focussed on your business life, but this post is more personal. Some of the ideas may be useful in your business, but the examples are all about how my family manages our money.)

Continuing the theme of simple systems supported by technology, which of course has “cloud” written all over it, this video walks you through the tools our family uses to create and track household budgets. We use a spreadsheet and bank accounts for necessities, entertainment, charity, saving for our kids university, and home improvements.

This is a system bred of pain – neither my wife or I are very good at managing money and we really needed to improve. What you’ll see is a few simple tools and tips, proven to be very effective for us. I hope it helps you, too.

Please email me if you want the Microsoft Word “Financial Management Plan” or the Excel budget shown.

All the best!

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