Your First Modern SharePoint Home Page [video]

Continuing from last week’s cliff-hanger, we continue our intrepid series helping small business and non-profits get up and running quickly on Microsoft 365. This week we show you how to build a home page, or portal, for your organization.

A well-structured home page supports your staff to get the information they need to do their jobs quickly and easily: documents, calendar, contacts, news, and a few fun items to keep them (and you) interested.

1:12 Creating a Communication Site
1:59 SharePoint Pages, Sections & Web Parts
5:24 Adding & Arranging Web Parts
9:42 Colors & Styling
12:59 Wrap-up: Home Sites & Hub Sites

This is part 4 of Lightlever’s “Microsoft 365 in Practice” series, where we present practical #Microsoft365 information to help small businesses & non-profits quickly understand this complex, powerful toolset.

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Gerry Brimacombe