Going Mobile: Working While Travelling

I am an efficiency nut.

Sometimes it seems extreme – as I refine the recycling system at home just a little more and my wife questions my sanity. But I’ll tell you, I get a lot done and I largely attribute that to my ability to work anytime and anywhere.

For example, I am writing this on the Victoria Clipper on the way back from Seattle. It’s a 165 minute trip, with no Wi-Fi. I could spend the almost 3 hours sleeping, reading, or staring out the window – and will do some of each of those – but with my trusty Surface Pro I am also writing this blog and preparing to shoot the video when I am in a quieter location.

In general, I just don’t like to waste time. That doesn’t mean that I don’t relax or have fun…those are valid uses of my time…it’s the time traveling, or waiting that I look to make better use of. The thing is, your tools need to be sharp! If you have 15 minutes to wait for your dentist and it takes 10 minutes to boot your computer and locate the file you want to work on (for example if you have to ask your assistant to email it to you, then that’s not a good use of time).

In this video, I discuss my use of:

  • Tablet computer: Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Mobile Phone: iPhone 6
  • Use of Audio
  • Use of Voice commands
  • Tile Device and App for finding lost objects

Let me know how you use your tools to work while traveling!