Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Your business is complex, but in order to simplify and streamline, you’ll need to draw information from different departments, get them to  agree on information flow and processes.lightlever is a specialist in this kind of facilitation, documentation, and presentation.

Isn’t it interesting that the Japanese character for “to divide” () also means “to understand”. This summarizes our view of problem solving: we divide your business problems (or opportunities)  into their component parts, so we can have focussed conversations with your staff and Management  to produce clear, well-understood solutions that everyone supports.

Our Principal Consultant, Gerry Brimacombe, has been an “efficiency nut” since childhood when he built tree houses with found materials — to save time and effort in sawing, the tree house was the size and shape of the boards he found. That passion for the easiest, fastest way to do things has carried into his various business, many successful projects, volunteer work, and SharePoint solutions that support efficient business processes.

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In the face of multiple challenges, Gerry was a constant source of strength, enthusiasm and intelligent good humour. Relying upon his project management leadership, we were able to keep focused on our critical goals. Most importantly, we finished the project on budget and one year ahead of schedule.
Gerald Smeltzer
President / National Education Consulting
Gerry is that rarest of individuals -- a savvy business person who uses his skills and talents to create positive change. I recommend him highly.
Sue Doman
Senior Business Analyst / BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Gerry is extremely organized, focused and driven. He has built an excellent team and is determined to deliver the highest quality solutions.
Craig Thomson
VP and GM SMB Payments / Digital River
Gerry's breadth of knowledge and genuine interest allow him to quickly build lasting relationships. I have enjoyed working with Gerry in the past and look forward to continuing the working relationship.
I have worked with Gerry on many business opportunities and can recommend him without reservation: he is an excellent organizer, reliable and an innovative leader in the training industry.
Maurice Lagassé
Managing Director / CommonSkys Conferencing
I have had the pleasure of working with Gerry on the Victoria Chamber board. Gerry always offers meaningful ideas and solutions for the business concerns of our members.
John Espley
Director of Marketing & Communications / Accent Inns
I can heartily recommend Gerry and his company to anyone looking for first rate training in computer and business applications.
Colin Owens
IT Manager / Camacc Systems


  • Develop a business case for using cloud services
  • Develop system requirements
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Design or improve business processes
  • Evaluate how technology can help your organization

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