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What We Do

Lightlever will help you use Microsoft 365 to build a new business model. Your staff
needs to work effectively in the office or from home. We will
help you work anywhere.


Microsoft SharePoint can transform your business and help your teams to work effectively, in the office or anywhere. Maybe you have the skills to get SharePoint working well for you, but do you have the time? Even a small contract with Lightlevers can point you in the right direction and get great results. We will work with you as needed to run the whole project or just fill in the gaps, support you, and train your users.

Our principal, Gerry Brimacombe, is the author of SharePoint in Practice, Effective techniques to build your company intranet. 
Lightlever has spent thousands of hours teaching people how to use SharePoint effectively, and we have an obsession for finding the best way to do anything. This mindset has helped us develop templates and methods to produce great business solutions, fast. Our consultants have the technical and communications skills to build SharePoint solutions that work for you.

Use Lightlever for trustworthy, cost-effective SharePoint development, migration, and training services.

Also check out our product catalogue for some do-it-yourself options to design your SharePoint site, plan permissions, analyze and migrate files, and more.
Are you a Non-Profit? Consider our Microsoft 365 Jumpstart package.

Need a little consulting but mostly want to do it yourself? Consider our SharePoint Punch Card, or the SharePoint Gold package.


Tools make a job easier, faster, or better.

The tools offered here were created by Lightlever to help clients complete real work projects. Working on your own or with your team, these products will give you a jump start on your SharePoint development, project management, and business analysis. Everything offered here has a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, please let us know.

Are you planning to build an intranet, a company portal? Guarantee your success by reading our SharePoint in Practice book and downloading the Portal Build Toolkit, or just picking the tool you need below.


Your projects are important. Whether you’re installing a new information system or building a house, a well-managed project reduces your stress. Lightlever will ensure your team is engaged, your budget and schedule are met, and scope is carefully managed. As a result, we make you look good.

Lightlever’s Principal Consultant, Gerry Brimacombe, has tens of thousands of hours managing projects over a 40-year career. Project management is largely about people management, and Gerry is a people person. He has a Graduate Certificate in Project Management and has taken the PMP prep course. He brings a wealth of practical experience and ready templates to manage your project or build your PMO.

The Gartner Group has reported the #1reason for project failure, year after year, is poor communication. As an outstanding facilitator, solid communicator, and technology expert, Gerry has the foundation to manage your projects well, reduce risk, and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. Gerry can build a project plan that works, and work that plan efficiently from initiation to close, on-site or off.


Your business is complex. To simplify and streamline, you need to draw information from different departments and foster agreement on information flow and processes. Lightlever is a specialist in business process design, documentation, and presentation.

Our Principal Consultant, Gerry Brimacombe, has been an “efficiency nut” since childhood when he built tree houses with found materials: to save time and effort in sawing, the tree house was the size and shape of the boards he found. That passion for the easiest, fastest way to do things has carried into his various businesses, many successful projects, volunteer work, and SharePoint solutions that support efficient business processes.

Contact us for requirements analysis, facilitation, and business process improvement.


Lightlever is a values-based business.


We tell the truth with your success as our primary driver. We have told clients many times, “Yes, I could do that for you, but here’s an easier way that costs you nothing”.


When we tell you “it will be so”, then it will be so.
Yes, we are honest. And we have created systems and techniques to manage work and life so when we make a commitment, you can bank on it.


Innovation is “creative ideas put to practical use”. There’s nothing we love more than finding a faster, easier, or better way of working. We have developed and taught courses on Innovation and we use practical techniques to solve client problems.


We work in practical, realistic ways, rather than academically or idealistically. We believe simple solutions are usually the best. Our pragmatism steers us, and you, to create better long-term solutions.


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